The More Things Change…

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James Hance Artwork at
As you can see, Hance has a knack for taking iconic images and adding pure joy to them by adding in other characters. Many of the prints can be bought for only $10, which is pretty awesome. You can check out the site here

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 “It’s the want of something that gives you the blues. It’s not what isn’t, it’s what you wish was that makes unhappiness.” Janis Joplin


I’ve been running scared always
Nazi soldiers goose stepping down my street
King Kong rising up over the hill
Sirens  in my dreams I cower in the bomb shelter
underneath the house, stocked, locked
Wonder who my neighbor is
a cold war spy dad mowing the suburban grass
sometimes I feel I’m living 1984
perpetual war, government surveillance, thought
crime, privileged elite
we sing songs of peace mid the riots of Charlotte
fall to a knee OhSayCanYouSee
freedoms just another word for what you ain’t got
I don’t want to be afraid no more
I don’t want anyone to be afraid no more
and it’s onetwothreefour
tell me what we’re fighting for
we want things to stay the same but things they
gotta change
they gotta change
they got to change.
Oh, God, we don’t need another Mercedes Benz,
we just need to live as friends.


  1. What a wonderful pastishe where you’ve weaved the recent violence and fear… no we neither need fear nor another Benz— brilliant Debi


  2. Kerry O'Connor says:

    This is a poem of the here and now with a message that the whole world needs to read. The form is so tight and every allusion is so on point that the irony of the situation cannot be lost.


  3. Jim says:

    – It’s right, “What are we fighting for”? My theory is that people, by the hoards, are just plain fed up, beyond the bursting point. We have even seen it in our National elections. Most any of us might have run and would have been better than what we have.
    – My opinion? There is a part of the law of large numbers that when something gets too large it will be out of control, or very hard to control. When we visited foreign place it showed; in Egypt people had moved into the cemeteries and lived in the crypts. No running water? No but they didn’t have any where they were before finding this shelter. The government can’t or won’t keep them out, there are too many. Mexico City or Juarez, way back even in the 50’s city traffic was out of control, traffic light worked but people paid no attention. They just wove their way through the intersection and honked a lot. China runs a tighter ship but still when the people get out of hand they have to kill.
    – “freedoms just another word for what you ain’t got,“, I still have a crush on Janice Joplin. And a bunch of her songs. She was Mrs. Jim’s age. Thank you for that line.
    – Last item (on your comment on mine), the young people–when our daughter, now 42, was teenager, her group would go to Galveston, a 45 minute drive, as our local, small town officers would make things very unpleasant for them is they congregated in vacant down town lots or drove in same direction on a street the second time. (Sorry I rambled here, at least I’m off the streets.)

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  4. ManicDdaily says:

    Very well done poem, Debi, visceral and vivid. I think the media does a huge amount to augment the fear many feel as I do an awfully lot of unfearful walking around but you certainly describe the fear felt by many and no one can feel immune to your descriptions. Great allusions tightly placed. K.

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