Hidden Realms

Posted: July 23, 2016 in Uncategorized

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adashofsunny prompt by Sanaa
“Tonight, I want each and every one of you to pen down the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about a hidden realm.”


All around me is reality

the hum of a washing machine

in the den CNN

ambulance screaming urgently

blocks away, phone rings

importantly, a number I

don’t recognize, let it ring…

Reality is just too real

so I escape to a hidden land

close at hand yet unseen

between the pages of a book.

And everything fades away

I’m in another place

and even after the book is closed

this hidden realm is slow

to fade, stays arrayed in my mind.

One foot in reality

and one foot left behind.


  1. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    There is just so much happening in these dark times 😦 and we see it almost everyday on the news, I can imagine how most of us would want to distract ourselves to keep our sanity intact. Hope and prayers for peace. Thank you so much for participating at Prompt Nights and for your constant love and support.

    Lots of love,

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  2. Sumana Roy says:

    “between the pages of a book.”…aha…not everyone knows this bliss, we’re blessed indeed….

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  3. Misky says:

    So true. Escape into a good book!

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  4. Aren’t we lucky? To have so many place to visit when things get too rough? I wouldn’t know what my life would be, if I couldn’t live some moments “between the pages of a book.”

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  5. elleceef says:

    I can relate to this so well,,the place I, too, love to go for respite from the sometimes daily grind,,,thank goodness for books, and for poets such as yourself sharing common ground,,,

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  6. Rommy says:

    I approve of this method of escape. It’s a personal favorite of mine as well.


  7. Oh yes that is how I feel when I am lost in a book….’One foot in reality and one foot left behind.’ Perfectly penned for the prompt this week!

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  8. Old Egg says:

    I think all good books are like that as we get so absorbed we become part of the book, a witness to what we are reading. Beautifully written.

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