You Can’t Go Home Again

Posted: June 16, 2016 in Uncategorized

MizQuickly June16 Countdown: -4. Do you know what day this is?
“Take part of the tale of Ulysses and his difficulties making it back home, and write. Joyce recast the story and set it into his contemporary Dublin–you can do the same. If you don’t remember the story you can, of course, look it up. Or you can make up something that seems as if it ought to belong. “


I want to go back home
(I don’t like this place I am)
I ran away from it because
it was scary with its threats
of a-bombs and communism
and duck and cover, and, Lord,
what’s this world coming to
that would murder a Kennedy or a Martin
and Viet Nam- where is that-
why are we there- make love not war
and flowers in your hair
and it’s onetwothreefour
now we have ISIS at our door.
I want to go back home again
to before I understood
that dropping out wasn’t freedom
and love isn’t free and there’s
no going back because there is no place
of no racism, of peace and prosperity,
pure rivers and spiked mountain tops,
and equality of all people, there never was
and never will be and I see a red door
and I want to paint it black.

  1. Miz Quickly says:

    “nostos” (homecoming) + “algos” (pain). The word has been watered down into a greeting card. The pain is real.

    [ Maybe not precisely what I had in mind, but I try to leave lots of wiggle room. The real purpose of the prompts is to stir up a writing itch if it’s not there already. Sometimes people need a target to reach for, and sometimes a starting block to push off from. In this case it’s true that what works, is good,]

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    • [“nostos” (homecoming) + “algos” (pain)] Thanks for pointing that out. I guess I knew that but I’d never broken the word apart. Exactly.
      Thank you for your kind comment. There are two places I esp. love to get prompts from;one is your and the other is Margo Roby’s. I’m not sure exactly what it is- maybe the depth you both go to in presenting an idea -but I nearly always strike a chord with these prompts. Thank you!


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