Predestination or a Crapshoot

Posted: June 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

Miz Quickly Roll the Dice
“Spend a little time thinking about chance. Or fate. Or chaos. Roll the dice. Cut the cards. Spin the wheel of fortune. Are you feeling lucky?”

Rarely have I stood before two paths
and chosen the one over the other
seems my life has mostly been
directed by some unseen hand
or written like a script, a play,
various acts and climaxes
toward some end, someday.

It wasn’t my choice that took us
to California to wait
for Daddy’s discharge.
But, still it seemed like
heaven after Oklahoma – Fort Sill.
A lemon tree in Grandma’s yard
filled me with wonder. 
I remember when it changed,
the day so full of promise,
a dime clutched in my hand
listening for the happy bells
of the ice cream van.
Sweet tooth sated, for the moment,
a knock at the door,
two men in uniform…
and in that second the path took
a detour.

What if…how many times I thought,
what if… and yet what does it matter?|
Maybe there’s an unseen hand
that wisely guides my way or
perhaps it’s all just chance,
a toss of the dice,
fate’s imperfect splice,
that’s brought me to this place.
And yet, no complaint have I
to charge against life’s course –
fate, karma, destiny,
happenstance, God’s unseen hand.
I’ve just put one foot
in front of the other
been thankful for another step.


When I was almost six my father was killed in an automobile accident. We had planned to move to California where Dad already had a job waiting for him.  Instead, my mother, sister, brother and I moved to Virginia to live with her parents. When my grandfather retired we moved to Tennessee until I was in eighth grade, then we struck out on our own and moved to West Virginia. What if… he’d lived? What if… I’d grown up in California? What if… a useless question

  1. Misky says:

    I reckon it’s all a string of lessons, it’s like playing Shoots and Ladders. 🙂


  2. barbcrary says:

    Poignant and beautifully done, Debi.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Susan says:

    I often wonder the same “what if” but I guess it was all meant to be….crap!!

    Liked by 1 person

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