How Does Your Garden Grow

Posted: June 2, 2016 in Uncategorized

Red Wolf Poems
Irene’s  Prompt 158  “it’s to write about a garden”


What if I plant my feet in the soil
water them, feed them, let the sun
shine on them in brilliant rays of gold
or maybe in the shade of the maple
on the mossy side. Would I grow?
Would I bloom or vine, climb a tree
like poison ivy and dare you to touch me?
Would you tear me petal by petal to see
if I love you? Or walk past me without
noticing my color or scent. Is it meant
that I should stand here in your garden
admired as you have time? Are roses
ornamental only or satisfiers of the soul?

  1. So that’s why I’m only 4’10” – I was never planted and watered! I like your poem very much.


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