Passkey to Heaven

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Uncategorized

imaginarygarden Get Listed! ~ The Compound Word Edition Imagined By “Follow the link below to a site which offers 15 lists of well-known and also more unusual compound words. Select a minimum of three words to include in your poem of the day.    COMPOUND WORD LIST

My compound words: lifetime, watchmaker, honeysuckle, wheelbarrow, blueprint

Life is a cabaret, they say,
and it’s true time flies when you’re having fun.
But, as it passes you begin to watch the days
until your maker intones, “you’re done,”
then honey, you’ll see there is no cure
you’ll just have to suckle it up, it’s no big deal.
The wheel of time moves steady and sure
No need to make a barrow of a molehill.
So as you draw your last breath
and cross that bridge at, hopefully, loooong last,
don’t be blue.  I ‘spect I’ll see you after death.
It’s in the small print, we’ll have a blast.

  1. Kerry O'Connor says:

    I wondered what had become of your compound words, then noticed how you had split them up. This is such an innovative approach to the challenge. I enjoyed the end result, especially the finale.


    • Thanks, Kerry. I’m not always good with directions. I thought you wanted us to do something different with the compound words – but wasn’t sure what.


      • Jim says:

        Debi, you are sooo clever, splitting the compound words back into their components. I just now went back to check the directions again to make sure this wasn’t a requirement. YOU ARE A SHOWOFF!! (Showoff was one of the words I chose today.)
        I love the poem, I was sure that I would be hearing from St. Peter, he’s in all the ‘getting into Heaven’ jokes. I really like the ‘small print’.


  2. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    No need to make a barrow of a molehill.
    So as you draw your last breath

    A lot of wisdom in these lines 🙂
    Beautifully penned.

    Lots of love,

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  3. elleceef says:

    Enjoyed this poem so much. Very cleverly done and do you suppose that is how it ends? 🙂


  4. Marian says:

    Never admit mistakes in poetry! You totally meant to do this! Instructions be damned, I agree that this is superclever poemfun. Yay!


  5. I love how your took this.. and the sense of life passing is strong… like a one-way train, a river or a cabaret, it’s all the passing.

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  6. whimsygizmo says:

    I like this take, Debi. 😉

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  7. gillena says:

    so luv that end line

    thanks for dropping in to read mine

    much love…

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  8. I so love what you did. Brilliant technique, Debi, and such delicious phraseology! One of these days, I must use “suckle it up” in a bit of writing (if you allow it, of course). It’s just a wonderful phrase–vivid, telling, and it does some wonderful tings to the tongue when it speaks the sounds.


  9. Snakypoet (Rosemary Nissen-Wade) says:

    Clever, and also delightful.

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  10. Oh good! Worth reading the small print for that detail. :)!


  11. ManicDdaily says:

    Hope that’s all true! Thanks, Debi. K.

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  12. What a clever split of compound…just hinted by the italics. Small print indeed demands notice if you wish to secure a depth of understanding. Such a clever impression of life after life.

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  13. I like “see you in the small print” On a rare occasion I ponder how much closer I am seated to my maker….and then I breathe. .

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