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Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Tale Weaver #51 – Footsteps
“Weave a tale in which you use footsteps as the basis for your tale.”


On the bank watching a lazy river
trickle slowly by, summer shrunk,
baring smooth rounded stone
all along the river’s shore,
brown, tan, grey, rust, salmon pink…
a warmth flows through me that the
sun alone has not kindled.
I rise, take off my shoes, slide
down the bank. There is a shallow
depression where water has dammed,
a puddle and like a child I can’t resist.
It is bathwater warm, too warm, really
so I walk across the sun-soaked stones
into the cooler sparkling water and
turn to see my footprints leading to me.
I’m part of the river now, this moment
she’s carrying part of me downstream
and it makes me happy to see,
as I climb the bank, my footprints
sketched on stone, however brief it be,
I’ve left my mark on the world.

  1. This is gorgeously textured. I feel the river beneath my feet, the warm stones, the oneness. What a joyous and beautifully crafted way to leave your mark on the world.
    Thanks so much for participating in Tale Weavers.


  2. In more ways than one, I am sure you have. Perhaps your work is also your footprint? Very wonderful imagery!

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  3. Excellent contribution Debi and I love the notion of being part of the river if in such a small way but so significantly so. Thanks for participating.

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