Sounds of Silence

Posted: January 15, 2016 in Uncategorized

A Dash Of Sunny Prompt Nights – On Popular Demand [1] Silence


It’s late and I can’t sleep
so I slip from bed
and go to the living room.
Alone in the darkness, I
sit next to the stove in my
rocking chair. I hear the
crackling of the wood,
a pop, occasional long low
whistle that wanes to nothing.
The quiet snuggles around me,
envelops me in serenity.
There’s only a creak of the chair,
low hum of the fridge, crackling
of the fire. Sound is hushed, respectful
of these sacred hours, time suspended
in quiet. My soul is refreshed
in this solitude of silence.


  1. Sanaa Rizvi says:

    This is lovely – no doubt we can always find peace in solitude and gain some time to reflect in moments of silence. Beautifully penned! Thank you so much for participating 😀

    Lots of love,

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  2. Debi, that’s the gift of silence. We all need it at sometime in our lives. The noise can be deafening and an obstacle. thanks for this.

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  3. gillena says:

    lovely solitude and its solace Debi

    much love…

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  4. Rommy says:

    Oh I love quite moments like this. It feels like a moment of grace in the middle of chaos.

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  5. whimsygizmo says:

    I heard each and every one of these small, slight sounds, so softly. And I deeply needed this moment of peace. Thank you. Well done.

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  6. Susan says:

    “The quiet snuggles around me,”
    Sacred, indeed! Love!

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  7. Suyash Jha says:

    i really like this. solitude in the right amounts can be refreshing

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  8. kaykuala h says:

    time suspended
    in quiet. My soul is refreshed
    in this solitude of silence.

    One often finds solace in quiet surroundings. It might lead to the thinking process working without disturbance. Rightly so Debi!


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  9. totomai says:

    I always find these small sounds therapeutic. Indeed, you will feel refreshed after being surrounded by them.

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  10. Mary says:

    Indeed sometimes it is better not to lie in bed sleepless but to go to a restful place and just enjoy those night noises in the dark! I can identify with your words.

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  11. To sit and listen to those gentle sounds… really very real… and maybe better than to toss and turn.


  12. C.C. says:

    “The quiet snuggles around me”–what a vivid, lovely, and apt description of those magical midnight moments of silence 🙂


  13. Yes! This silence is so soothing and beautiful 🙂


  14. Sumana Roy says:

    the soft nightly sound brings such blissful solitude…love the meditative tone of the poem…


  15. time suspended in quiet… is all we need
    to reconnect to our own self


  16. Jae Rose says:

    What a wonderful poem – the silence of early hours can be comforting if we look at it the right is a unique kind of silence and a moment for ourselves perhaps


  17. A silent picture is drawn here, with your words….:-) Loved it….

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  18. sreeja says:

    ah…felt like I was there taking every word with care….lovely!

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