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MIZ QUICKLY  More than revision
“Look back and get five or so of your recent poems. Choose one and insert a bigger-than-life character. Historical. Mythic (Hercules, Pecos Bill, Helen of Troy). Cultural (Mick Jagger? Johnny Carson?). Maybe a graphic superhero.


Dorothy Parker likes her Pink Lady
cause she favors the flavor of gin
“Bottoms up” she grins wickedly
and raises her glass to the men.
She knows she can match them
glass for glass…. and win.
No argument there, they yell
we’ll take it on the chin,
cause if we try to match you,
they’ll be informing our next of kin!


Dorothy Parker is frequently remembered for her witty quips and famous friends, spending hours at the Algonquin Hotel in Manhattan drinking, lunching and talking about culture. Legend has it that she spent most her nights, and days, drinking and cracking jokes with the likes of Robert Benchley, Irvin S. Cobb, and Ernest Hemingway. She is so famous for her imbibing that entire cocktail guides have been dedicated to her legacy. 


  1. Dorothy Parker! Haven’t thought of her in years, but she was a role model (sort of) She would say all the things women were thinking, but couldn’t say out loud. Then
    Dorothy opened her mouth -never nasty – but always with a touch of humor.
    Thanks, Dorothy.

    She fits in your poem right well!!

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  2. “Men must take passes, when Dorothy’s raising the glasses,” she wrote, hoping she had punaphrased the right poet.

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  3. barbcrary says:

    Yes, too easy, but also quite perfect. 🙂


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