Through a Glass Darkly

Posted: November 21, 2015 in Uncategorized

Two days in one poem.
MIZ QUICKLY November 20: Windows – November 21:Write a piece in which you make use of repetition.


You see through a window smudged
a bit distorted and bedimmed
yet far yesterdays are clearer than
just yesterday. You share the same
childhood memories again and again.
Yesterday as we rode in the car even
now was fleeting. You repeated again
and again how bleak the trees with no
leaves, how muddy the river and so high
and each time I agreed as though I were as
surprised as you at the sight – each time.
Again and again I curse this shadow
that steals over your memories, hiding them
from you. Again and again my heart is
wrenched as bewilderment, confusion
blanks your face or as you franticly search
through drawers for something you can’t name,
for the long silence as you struggle for a word.
This losing of you bit by bit, watching as you
go down like a great sinking ship, rips our lives
as surely as water is slitted by the bow, but
it will never close as seamlessly.
I curse. I curse this smudged, bedimmed window.

This ride in the car was yesterday. It is so hard to watch a loved one (anyone) go through Alzheimer’s.

  1. julespaige says:

    Yes. I have been down that road…too many times. I wish I could be there to help.
    Almost every week I go down that road now, again and again… via a phone call to the one who is to far to travel too and will no longer travel here…especially in cooler weather.

    But on the bright side….Yes – the ‘dress’ is real as are the accessories. And the Event is on the calendar for mid next month. I found the dress earlier this month and wrote about it here:

    I found it at that ‘hip’ consignment shop. But my imagination took it back to the ‘Flapper’ era 😉
    I think I’ve got everything now… including a dress that I can wear again! Though it has been a very long time that I’ve worn any dress above the knee, even just above the knee 🙂


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