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Miz Quickly 7: Words
“Let’s do the word thing a little differently this time. I’m going to give you a batch of words, and you choose…let’s say three. Start with one and write a line using that word, and another line–same word, and another, on and on until you draw a blank or get bored. Then switch to the next word, then the third.”

In honor of my friend Misky who liked one of the sentences:

Stone by stone he laid the fence
placing each with a mason’s sense
a wall of protection from the wind
from the north and icy rimmed.
But old man bluster came on over
high-stepping to the dare “Red Rover”
and the stones slowed him down enough
that he was reduced to just a puff.

Your Words: building   produce   house   check  name  hard  brown stone early paper fast fine well wood/would

The little brown jug on the window sill is filled with wildflowers picked with grubby little hands and love.

Brown wren, brown wren, you flit from branch to branch on my wisteria vine like a hyperactive tot. Always in motion except when you pause to sing.

Late autumn and color has drained leaving behind a brown grey pall tempting winter to cover it all.

The wind was vengeful last night stomping through the trees, huffing like an irritated teenager before slamming the door. This morning, on the deck, a papier-mâché hornets’ nest lay tossed angrily from the tree.

Paper and pen has always been the politest way to say “I’m sorry.” So much better than a hasty email or private Facebook message. But, best of all is face to face so I can hug you.

Don’t bother Daddy until he’s had his coffee and perused the paper. Then, if he isn’t too annoyed by the political page you can ask him about that boy.

Stone cold like the marble upon your grave is my heart.

Stone by stone he laid the fence, a wall of protection from the wind. But, old man bluster always came on over.

“It isn’t etched in stone,” he said. “No”, she agreed, “only on my heart.”

  1. Misky says:

    Love that stone fence. That one is my favourite.

    Liked by 1 person

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