Glad for the Experience but Once is Enough

Posted: February 21, 2015 in Fibonacci BJ’s Shadorma & Beyond – Fibonacci (Ciao, Bastet)
To hear sleet –

love to
hear the ping-
light, crisp- announcing its presence
on this frigid morn.
But, please, soon turn to snow so the electric won’t go,
like that winter when I had to cook on the wood stove
and melt snow to flush the toilet.
Made me feel like a
but once

  1. Bastet says:

    Lol … ah yes I’d say … a great experience … to really get into the living history of pioneer life … but just one!

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  2. Nonnie USA says:

    so true, but when we lived in the country, losing electricity happened way more than once!


  3. Lovely!! and I always worry when we get ice storms here too in Quebec…our area got hit for 4 to 6 weeks


  4. julespaige says:

    Ah, you remind me of the time here when it was soo cold that the youngins weren’t allowed out to even wait ten minutes for the bus. We’ve all electric. But good thing I insisted on having a fireplace… It was on all that week that the furnace could barely keep up.

    Camping isn’t my thing. Been there done that. As you say – once is enough.

    At least we are in the mid 40’s temp wise today. A heat wave considering all the below normal low temps we have had so far this winter.

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